About the film

After being diagnosed in his early 20's with metabolic syndrome, Brent "Minty" Smith (President of FreshMint Media) wrote, directed, and stars in this half documentary, half mockumentary, and half comedy about health in America.


With the help of Havard professor and evoluntionary psychologist Dr. Deirdre Barrett, this entertaining yet thought provoking movie first asks the audience to take a big step back and look at the environment we've evolved in.  This evolutionary environment is then compared to the current disease producing environment we've built in the US.


To discuss the prevention of disease, Brent meets celebrity physician Dr. Rani Whitfield, better know as Tha Hip Hoc Doc (H2D), in our nations capital .  Tha Hip Hop Doc is a practicing physician and musician who uses medicine and music to promote healthy living choices among young Americans.  


When America's number one killer and SICKCARE villain "Heart Disease" (played by Tommy Cassano) attempts to assassinate Brent, an epic chase ensues.


Sickcare takes the audience on a ride from the ancient Inca trail, to an imaginary world with sugar drug dealers, and back.  The SICKCARE premier was held on March 6th in Chicago, IL.  Over 75 people attended and $2000 was raised for Growing Home, a social enterprise focused on empowering people and communities with Chicago’s first USDA-Certified Organic high-production urban farms.